Further optimisation of recycling processes for plastics

Belgian partner VANHEEDE has been optimising the recycling processes for hard plastic waste. The Turkish partner IYTE is involved in ongoing laboratory testing. First results for specific fractions are very promising and their industrial production will be investigated in the future.

VANHEEDE has been further optimising their plastics recycling line in order to obtain recyclates with appropriate size for reprocessing without producing too much fines and which are metal free. They have included a washing step and are also evaluating technologies for removal of minor contaminants in order to obtain materials suitable for high value applications. Various high quality polyolefin grades, including PP homopolymer, filled PP (from garden furniture, see figure 2), PE (from artificial grass), etc. were already obtained and sent to IYTE for WPC production tests. As the lab scale results look very promising, industrial scale WPC production using the garden furniture fraction will be evaluated in the near future. In addition, the grades will be applied for FRC’s as well. 

Fig. 2: Pictures of the garden furniture fraction before (left) and after processing by Vanheede (middle), including a close-up (right).


» Publication Date: 20/12/2017


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